Machines relocation

One of the key elements of corporate production is the necessity of machines and equipment relocation between departments. The reasons may be various… but well, that is not our problem. On the other side – it’s not your problem who will do that! Our qualified team will take all tasks needed for relocation – from necessary work identifying, through scheduling and realisation, until location and start-up in destination place.

Our priorities: completion on time – reliability – cost saving!

Keeping in mind these priorities allows us to efficiently and reliably provide service in good price.

Main areas are:

  • relocation of heavy machinery;
  • relocation of cmplete production lines or the whole plant;
  • instalacja linii technologicznych;
  • preparation for transport;
  • loading or unloading machine for transport;
  • dismantling-scrapping of machinery and equipment.

Having necessary equipment we are ready for all possible orders. Shall it be one machine or the whole production line? Or maybe a 20m high silo? There’s only one question – where shall we deliver it?

We also provide service in smaller range of moving – meaning internal relocations. If there is a need to move the machine even a few centimetres , you can count on us. Thanks to the use of rolls able to stand 80 tons of load and specialized girders, we can put the machine on wheels and move it to every part of production hall. In case a disconnection of e.g. power supply is necessary, it will be done by our electricians.

We invite you to use our services!